FAQ: Questions and answers on camper rental

CAMPER SECTION: Vehicles and equipment

What model are the vehicles and what kind of engine do they have?

Our camper fleet consists of FIAT Ducato and Ford, have a 130 hp MultiJet 2.3 engine up to 180hp.
All models are from 2016, 2017 and 2018

What is the capacity of the tank? How much does it consume?

All campers go to Diesel.
The tank capacity is 75-90 liters, depending on the size of the vehicle.
Consumption depends on the type of driving, but on average it is about 8/9 liters per 100km.

Are the campers equipped with manual or automatic transmission?

All our campers have manual transmission.

Are the campers equipped with a towbar?

Our campers are usually without a towbar, however on some models there is the possibility to rent this extra for a fee.
For detailed info and reservations contact us.

How many people can travel in the camper?

Our models are equipped with safety belts for 4, 5, 6 and 7 people depending on the models.
It is never allowed to travel with more people than the type approval number.
Even children and infants are considered passengers for road traffic.

Can I see the camper in person before booking?

Yes sure! You are always welcome at our store in Sannicandro di Bari.
Call us or send a WhatsApp message to know the availability of the vehicle.

Do I have to clean the camper?

The camper must be returned clean.
The gray water tank and the toilet must be emptied.
The extra services chartered as chemical toilets, surfboards, cooler and dishes, must be returned clean.
If a professional motorhome cleaning is required at the time of delivery, an additional fee of € 110 will be charged for cleaning costs.
Final cleaning can be purchased during booking.
In any case, the camper must be returned empty without any personal effects on board and without any food supply.

Is the camper independent?

Yes! The camper is equipped with a 12V electrical system powered by a service battery, a gas system that powers the stove, stove and boiler and fridge / freezer and finally a water system that is connected to a 12V pump.
There is therefore a similar equipment to that of the house.

In the camper is the 220 volt like at home?

Only if you connect the 220-volt cable to the external sockets of the camp site or parking area, otherwise only the 12 volt is inside the camper, so only the equipment with a cigarette lighter or USB socket will work, except for charging the mobile phones for which we provide you with a small inverter for free.

What capacity do the campers have?

The drinking water tank contains about 100/110 liters, the gray water tank receives about 110 liters and the black water tank 18 liters.

How and where can I find the gas?

You can fill them in numerous service areas and in some campsites.
It should be borne in mind that abroad there are different connections and different types of cylinders and therefore an adapter is needed to fill a cylinder.
In any case, you can ask us for further information and specifications.
The cylinders supplied with the vehicle must not be exchanged for those sold abroad.

How and where can water be found?


What should I bring in the camper?

Everything you need is listed in our price list (Extra accessories).
The camper is not equipped with pillows except in the case of renting the extra Kit Bed & Bath.

At what speed can I travel?

According to the highway code, the camper is in effect a motor vehicle, for which the same limits apply to cars.
On the highway a maximum speed of 100/110 km per hour is recommended.
We recommend that you maintain a greater safety distance, due to the greater weight of the vehicle you need more braking distance.

What behavior should passengers keep on board while traveling?

As required by the highway code, during the March, all passengers are obliged to sit down and fasten themselves to their seat belts.
The rules regarding the transport of children and babies remain unchanged.

What should you watch out for when driving a camper?

When you are driving a camper you need to be careful with bridges, canopies, balconies, tree branches, street signs.
During the parking phases it is advisable to let a passenger go down to be helped during the maneuvers.
We must also be very careful in the presence of wind.
On the motorway or at any service station, you never park in the areas reserved for cars.
These areas are often covered by sloping canopies (solar panels), where the camper because of the height can not be parked.

What is the treatment reserved for the camper before each delivery?

All our campers returning from each rental are carefully checked, cleaned and sanitized.
Before delivery, they are washed externally, equipped with 2 gas cylinders and chemical products and finally supplied with the full potable water in the special tank.
Supplied you will find the 220V cable, the water pipe, the wedges and the inverter to charge the mobile phone.

How can I increase my knowledge of the use of the camper in view of the rental?

Our staff is always available for advice and for planning any itinerary before and during your rental.

Does the camper stop have limitations?

The camper stop is provided wherever there is no express prohibition.

With the camper I am obliged to always go to the camp site or rest area?

No, it is not mandatory, only in case of need to supply the drinking water tank, empty the recovery tanks or recharge the service battery by connecting to the 220V column or for more comfort services. However, in case of first experience we recommend the use of the parking areas.

What kind of service does the parking area offer?

It depends on the organization of the same. It can provide only parking or drinking water service, waste water discharge and connection to the 220V network.
They can also be free or paid. However, the rest areas are increasingly small campsites and often offer many extra services.

Ask us for advice on where to go.

And camping instead, what kind of service does it offer?

The campsite always offers loading, draining water, toilets and showers, connection to the 220-volt network and depending on the campsites additional services such as swimming pool, mini-market, bottle service and much more can be offered; the camping is always paid.
Our staff is at your disposal for any information regarding the rental, at the time of delivery of the vehicle this will be shown and explained in every detail.

Do you have a list of the best places to visit?

We are always ready to give you the best tips for a perfect experience. For any request please contact us or stay updated through our Facebook and Instagram page.

Do you have a list of recommended camping areas?

Yes! Contact our fantastic support team or ask our staff when the camper is picked up, we will be happy to help you!

Do I have to stay in a camping area at night?

We always recommend spending the night in camping or service areas to have all the services you may need, such as electricity (to charge the camper), bathrooms, areas equipped to drain the water tank, etc.


To drive a camper that license must have?

The “B” license issued for at least 3 years is sufficient.

How many people can we drive the camper?

It is possible to register each additional driver when picking up the vehicle at no additional cost.
The tenant who is the holder of the contract is also responsible for the additional drivers.

With which deposit can I book the camper? And when do I have to pay my rental balance?

Vehicles can be booked with a 40% deposit.
The balance made within 14 days of departure in full season (from June to September, Christmas, long weekends and holidays) and within 7 days in all other periods.

Is it necessary to pay a deposit when the vehicle is picked up?

Yes, at the time of collection it is necessary to pay a deposit of € 1,200.00 with a VISA or Mastercard credit card.
A temporary authorization will be required on this card. For this purpose the cardholder and the lessee must be the same person.
It is also possible to pay the deposit together with the balance of the reservation by bank transfer, but this does not exclude the presentation of a credit card when picking up the vehicle.
It must therefore be borne in mind that we will not be able to deliver any vehicles if the deposit has not been paid or a valid credit card is not presented.

When will I be refunded the security deposit?

The security deposit is released by the bank at the end of the rental after checking the vehicle with our staff.
Times may vary from 24 hours to 20 days depending on the type of credit card used.

What do I need when I pick up the camper?

When you come to pick up the camper you have to bring with you:
– License of all drivers
– Credit card of the person who booked (with credit sufficient to cover the deposit, only non-electronic credit cards are accepted)
– Passport / Identity Card
– Reservation reference
The driver of the vehicle must also be the credit card holder used for the deposit.

Is there a minimum rental period?

Depending on the season, the minimum rental period of our vehicles ranges from 3 to 14 days.
A lower rental period is only possible in the case of specific agreements and may be subject to different rates.
Contact us for more information as we will always try to accommodate you according to availability for shorter rental periods.

Can I bring pets on board?

The presence of pets is usually allowed upon payment of an extra € 49, must be authorized by the rental station that must agree before delivery.
The vehicle must be returned in the same state of hygiene of the delivery.
In the presence of animals it is also mandatory to pay extra cleaning € 110.
The tenant is also responsible for transporting it safely and in compliance with animal rules, as well as compliance with travel restrictions and vaccinations.

What does the service fee (Start Kit) include?

The service fee includes the internal and external cleaning of the vehicle and the delivery service during which information will be given for the good use of the vehicle.
You will be explained in detail the amenities, all the components, location and use so that the trip and the holiday are stress free, even if you are using the camper for the first time.
It also includes an assistance service available 24 hours a day during rental for advice on itineraries, parking areas, and advice on using the camper.
The service will be available through: Whatsapp, email, telephone.

Rent as "Private"

Any hirer who charters his vehicle for a fee becomes a trader and therefore a “private rental” in this sense is not possible.
Please therefore pay attention to the documents of the vehicle at the time of taking the rental.
The vehicle registration document must indicate that the vehicle is reserved for hire, otherwise in the event of an accident the insurance company will not offer any type of cover.
In Italy any type of sharing of the vehicle for reimbursement and / or compensation is forbidden by the highway code.

When can I pick up the vehicle?

The collection of the vehicle is only possible during the opening hours.
It must also be taken into account that the pick-up must be done on AFTERNOON while the return (check-out) must take place in the MORNING, by 09:00 am.
In the offer that will be formulated will also be indicated the precise times, any waivers will be counted as extra and will have to always and always be approved.

Can I leave my car in the parking lot at the pick-up point?

Yes, the car parking inside our store is free for the entire rental period.


Can I rent extra equipment like bikes, seats, dishes?

Sure! See our fantastic list of extra services.
When booking, select the extra services you want and they will be added to your trip!

What if I want to add or delete an extra service after completing the booking?

You can add or remove extra services that we have available up to 48 hours before the time of collection.
In order to provide an extra service with the exact characteristics you are looking for, we recommend that you reserve it in advance to make sure it is available.

Are the campers equipped with attachments for transporting bikes and surfboards?

Our campers are always equipped with bike racks and / or garage.

What is included in the rental fee?

All vehicles are equipped with a kitchen, fridge, stove, bathroom with sink, shower and toilet with cassette, heating cell housing, water tank for light and gray water, seat belts in the living area, power steering.
Extra accessories such as cutlery, kitchen set, child seat or snow chains are available at extra cost.
In the rental price are always included:
– Mileage chosen (standard rate includes 100km)
– VAT (22%)
– Kasko insurance complete with deductible of € 1,000.00 for each event
– RCA insurance (civil liability) for damages to people, animals or things in the ceilings provided for in Italy for rental vehicles.
– Camper Assistance assistance
– External veranda
– Reversing camera (depending on model)
– Driving cab air conditioning
– Bike and / or Garage
– External cleaning
– 1 or 2 gas cylinders depending on the model.
– Parking wedges
– Electrical cables and adapters
– Cable spool
– 18 liters toilet box
– Water loading hose and adapters
– Inverter
– Car radio
– Snow chains in season

In the rental price are not included:
– Service fee for vehicle preparation and delivery.
– Fuel
– Fines
– Accessories or extras

The mileage is generally equal to 100 km per day except for special offers or in case of purchase of extra km packages.
The unlimited kilometers package is intended only after the 8 nights of rental.
In the case of rentals of less than 8 nights, the unlimited km means a limit of 350km per day.

Costs in case of cancellation?

In case of cancellation of the booking the following cancellation charges will be calculated:
– Up to 50 days before the rental start date (Pick Up), a practical charge of € 290 will be charged
– Between 49 and 31 days before the start of the rental 50% of the rental price
– Between 30 and 15 days before the rental date 80% of the rental price
– Between 14 days and the day of taking the vehicle or in case of failure to collect the full rental price will be charged.


What happens if I have problems with the camper? Is road assistance guaranteed?

In the event of an accident or if you need roadside assistance, immediately call us at our direct deposit number for which you will find a copy of the camper.
If necessary, we will call the roadside assistance.

Who should I contact for any questions on the camper?

For any kind of problem during the trip or doubt concerning the operation of the camper, call us at the number indicated on the contract or at our direct number on board.
You can contact us by email, phone, Whatsapp 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How should you behave in case of accident or damage?

At the time of vehicle pick-up, an Accident Detection Form (CID) will be issued to be completed by both the driver and the injured party in the event of an accident.
Even in the event of an accident without damage to third parties it is essential to draw up the aforementioned CID and report the date and place for any subsequent verification by third parties or law enforcement agencies.
In case of fire, theft or other damage it is necessary to immediately inform IGOCAMPER and the Police.
The IGOCAMPER must also be informed of the details of the accident.
The direct compensation for damages to third parties will not be recognized.

What to do in case of fines?

The fines as a rule if immediately notified to the customer can be paid locally as indicated in the minutes, a copy of the report must be delivered to the return of the vehicle.
Any fines that occur after check-out will be notified to the customer, the cost of re-notification is 50 €.
Cost that will be added to that of the fine.
It is therefore advisable to always inform the rental station of any fines received during the rental period.


Is the camper insured?

Sure! Insurance is always included.

Which insurance coverage is included in the rental?

Compulsory insurance RCA (civil liability) for damages caused to third parties (people, animals or things) with coverages established by insurance companies in Italy.
Kasko insurance complete with deductible of € 1,000.00 which will be retained in case of damage caused by each individual accident.
Any damage occurring in subsequent accidents will give rise to the extension of the aforementioned deductible which will be paid directly to the rental station.
IMPORTANT: In case of total theft of the vehicle IGOCAMPER reserves the right to demand 10% of the value of the vehicle up to a maximum of € 5,000.00.

Please note that all insurance packages do not cover negligent behavior as explained in our Terms and Conditions.

What is the deposit (security deposit)? How should it be paid?

The deposit is nothing but a guarantee.
The amount of the deposit depends on the age of the drivers.
This amount is blocked on your credit card until the end of the journey and can be charged up to 20 days after delivery for damage to the vehicle, fines or tolls.
Fines and missed toll payments can always be charged when notified.

Does the insurance cover my personal belongings?

IGOCAMPER can not legally stipulate an insurance contract covering the traveler’s personal effects.
We advise you to contact your insurance company to make sure you are insured during travel or to consider the possibility of additional insurance.

In which countries is it possible to travel?

Traveling is allowed with all vehicles in all countries of the European Union.
There are access and driving restrictions in the following states:
– Belarus
– Kosovo
– Moldova
– Morocco
– Russia
– Turkey
– Ukraina
– Albania (derogable)
– Montenegro (derogable)

Traveling in these areas is allowed only with written confirmation.
Crossing areas affected by crisis situations or wars is always prohibited.